“Give it up for the Introverts!”

I’ve been told that I’m sometimes a bit too quiet, a bit too shy; that I don’t speak up enough. My natural reaction to these judgments has always been, what’s wrong with that? What happened to actually thinking before speaking? Or judging a view based on the person’s reasoning and thought-process, not just how quick they blurted it out?

I just like to choose the right words for the right moments. Forgive me for trying to form my opinions based on accurate evaluations. Forgive me for holding back my unnecessary thoughts that aren’t beneficial to anyone.

As you can tell by now, I’m a bit of an introvert myself, so I really appreciate this…

Give it up for the Introverts!

This blogger—Pixie Girl—who claims to be an extrovert, explains in-detail the personality behind introverts, much better than I ever could.

Read it. Understand. Introvert does not necessarily mean incapable and extrovert does not necessarily mean expert.


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