I’ve always thought it was strange to move up classes. During the school year, I considered myself strictly as a sophomore, and a sophomore only—not preceding freshman or upcoming junior. I even looked at my acquaintances with that same limited regard. ‘Oh yeah Suzie’s a senior, Nick’s a freshman’…as if those labels had no potential of changing.

The word “change” can prompt many emotions. For some, it is part of their everyday lives, something so routine that they can casually brush it off with a shrug of the shoulders. For others, the word itself is an instigation of fear, representing a dramatic and un-necessary challenge. In all cases, however, change demands adaptation.

Sometimes we are very aware of the adaptation process because it can be difficult. But what about those times when change occurs so gradually, so sneakily, that we don’t even see it happen?

Like, when did I get this sudden repulsion against shopping? Or go from being a freshman in high school to a junior? I have no recollection of these things happening to me.

I guess change doesn’t always have to be a thrilling BAM! Often times, it goes unnoticed like a quiet whisper…

For whatever reason, I have found that these sneaky changes in life are the easiest to adapt to. We make it harder on ourselves when we push against the current, fight against change. Yet when we have no knowledge of it occurring, we end up with a more painless adaptation process and much happier results in the end.

So for now, I’ve accepted the fact that I’m a junior and will probably go back into that same routine of sticking to my label. And then this time next year, I’ll be shocked but well-adjusted to the change all over again.


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