Age is nothing but a number

I’ve often heard that “age is nothing but a number” but I always thought maybe that phrase was only used to justify big age gaps in romances. (Jennifer Lopez and her boyfriend for example)

However, I now think I have learned the true meaning of the expression.

I volunteer at the Western and Southern Open with my dad, and we meet people of all ages. There are people who have dedicated over thirty years to the tennis tournament, but there are also high school students like me volunteering as ball-boys and ball-girls.

There was a volunteer get-together recently, and I wasn’t too interested in going because I knew there wouldn’t be a lot of people in my age group. But to my surprise, even though I didn’t meet any peers, it was still nice talking to older people who seemed to care about who I was and what I did.

A smile. Light conversation. Genuine interest in the person you’re speaking to—that’s really all that matters. Feelings are reciprocal, and as my parents always say: if you treat people with care, they will care for you as well.

Granted, that philosophy may not work on everyone, but it’s worth trying. It feels so good, even refreshing, to meet new people. And if you don’t step out of your comfort zone, how will it happen?

Even if major factors-like interests, jobs, ages-aren’t similar, as people, we can always relate to one another.


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