Thanksgiving: the one and only day to be thankful

It started just as any other morning, except I was awakened with a rare cheerful bliss and the sounds of my family barging into my room, yelling “Happy Thanksgiving!”

Ah yes, it’s Thanksgiving. Or Turkey Day, for the ones that give their biggest thanks to the actual meal itself. Checking my phone as if it was the daily newspaper, (quick shoutout of thanks to Steve Jobs) I was immediately overwhelmed with countless tweets, posts, and photo collages of this day of gratitude. (#thankfulfor … )

So much gratefulness and optimism in the air. It’s a beautiful  miracle really to see the entire population forget its greedy, selfish woes for an entire 24 hours. And then the next day, that switch is flipped off and everyone ruthlessly marches off to camp out in front of stores like Best Buy during the crack of dawn for flat screen televisions and the latest iPads despite the fact that they were supposedly content and ‘thankful’  for all they had the day before.

In fact, to ease that transition, J.C. Penny is opening its stores at 8 PM tonight. That right there, my friends, is true commitment to making the holiday even more meaningful.

You can be on top of the game too, by rushing to malls and taking advantage of those Black Friday (Thursday?) deals on the big day itself. That’s what’s most important of course — you can say your ‘thank yous’ on the way there. Pretty soon, I’m sure ‘Thanksgiving Takeout’ food chains will erupt for the dedicated shoppers in line who will eventually end up skipping the sit-down turkey dinner all together in favor of the sales.

American consumerism and ‘Thanksgiving selfies’ (which are just regular selfies that I think can used on any occasion) — that’s probably what the Pilgrims had envisioned all along.

In all seriousness though, I do give my thanks for all that I am blessed with. Amongst the pettiness of everyday problems, it’s great to have a day to recognize our good fortunes and the things that truly matter in life.

But if you haven’t expressed your gratitude for every. single. great. thing in your life yet or made a picstitch of all the things that you’re grateful for, you better do it now folks. Because by tomorrow it will be too late, and you’ll have to wait another 364 days to show your thankfulness.


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