It’s a girl!

This morning I was woken with the most amazing news.

An NPR alert informed me of the royal baby’s birth. That, and my mother’s texts exclaiming, It’s a girl!

Being the huge royal family fan and dedicated Kate Middleton admirer that I am, I guess that gives me a good enough reason to put in my two cents on the baby’s name. Here are my suggestions:






Quinn, or some other gender neutral name, so when the baby applies for jobs when she’s older, employers can’t discriminate.

May, so she can remember when she was born.

Princess, a fitting title.

TeaCup, so she doesn’t feel out of place on a play date with Blue Ivy and North West.

Hermione, so what if it’s a Muggle name? It’s 2015 people, let’s break barriers.

Rashika, a fabulous name given to true royalty.

Whichever name the royal family decides on, Her Royal Highness, Princess of Cambridge is one lucky baby. It’s nice to know she’ll be able to share the royal experience with her older brother, Prince George. He’ll be the kind, caring older brother who can lend a ear during tough times and show her the ropes on growing up in the limelight. In fact, George’s public relation skills are already picking up quite nicely.


Bless you children, may you have your mother’s warmth, grace, and great hair. And heartiest congratulations to Will and Kate! If you ever need a babysitter, feel free to call me.


(Photo: WPA Pool, Getty Images)
(Photo: WPA Pool, Getty Images)

Featured Image credit to DAVID ILIFF. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0


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