Gaza Strip – Day 8

We got an early start on day 8. With my alarm set to 4:30 AM, I woke up and joined our group for a sunrise hike. The #NewhouseinIsrael team gathers for sunrise over the Dead Sea.@NewhouseSU @NewhouseBDJ @NewhouseMag @newhousemasters @NewhouseNOJ @GoldringAJs @JPressClub @talbouh — Simon Perez (@SimonPerez1) March 18, 2018 #NewhouseinIsrael spent the night… Read More Gaza Strip – Day 8

Haifa – Day 6

The common theme for days 5 and 6 was ‘borders.’ Today, we went to Misgav Am, a kibbutz located just about a mile from the Lebanon border. #NewhouseinIsrael visits Kibbutz Dafna, a collective farming community on the border with Lebanon.@NewhouseSU @NewhouseBDJ @NewhouseMag @newhousemasters @NewhouseNOJ @GoldringAJs @JPressClub @talbouh — Simon Perez (@SimonPerez1) March 16, 2018… Read More Haifa – Day 6